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Esqueleto El Cid

Esqueleto El Cid

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About the Esqueleto El Cid Postcard

Swiss Skeli and La Catrina have been invited to dinner at the court of Esqueleto El Cid. They are somewhat wary, as this is a very big Head-Honcho-Style Skeleton. Read on and you will know why.

Esqueleto El Cid (from Spanish Arabic al-sid, “lord”; his Fleshy Name was Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar) was born July 10, 1099, in Valencia, near Burgos, Castile when he died. E.E. Cid was a Castilian warlord and national hero in medieval Spain. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, El Cid was “brought up at the court of Ferdinand I and served the king’s eldest son, Sancho II, in his campaign to gain control of León. On Sancho’s death he shifted to the service of Alfonso VI, whom he had formerly opposed. His unauthorized raid on the Moorish kingdom of Toledo (1081) prompted Alfonso to send him into exile. He then entered the service of the Muslim rulers of Zaragoza, becoming known as a general who was never defeated in battle. Alfonso tried unsuccessfully to win him back during the Almoravid invasion of Spain. El Cid maneuvered to gain control of the Moorish kingdom of Valencia, finally succeeding in 1094. He was speedily elevated to the status of national hero, and his exploits were celebrated in a heroic biography and a famous 12th-century epic poem: “El cantar de mío Cid” (“The Song of the Cid”). {from Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. "the Cid summary". Encyclopedia Britannica, Invalid Date,}


This postcard is from around the 1970's. All cards mounted on white 250 g/m² paper with trimmed edges. Vintage postcard overpainted with acrylic paint, 9.9 x 14.3 cm, no frame. Signed and dated in pencil on back. This can be easily erased in the event you want to use the card.

The cards are packaged in cellophane with an informative text about the history of the image on each card and when it was first published.

Please note that since these are antique postcards, some might contain small tears, pinholes and/or scratches. Fleshy tries her best to lovingly craft each card, but sometimes a tear might be too close to the overall subject to cut it out. The actual colors might differ slightly from your monitor.

Every postcard is a small, unique work of art!

Delivery throughout Europe and overseas is with normal postal mail in cardboard envelopes so nothing should bend. Postage and packaging are calculated at checkout.

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