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Swiss Skeli Kirchenfeldbruecke Berne

Swiss Skeli Kirchenfeldbruecke Berne

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About Swiss Skeli at the Kirchenfeld Bridge Berne Postcard

Swiss Skeli has his back to the Historical Museum and is looking out over the Helvetiaplatz which is located in the Kirchenfeld neighborhood. According to the “Historical-topographical Lexicon of the City of Berne” from Berchtold Weber from 1919, “The wide area south of the city belonged to the monastery since ancient times. By secularization the Kirchenfeld (Eng. translates to “Church field”) came to the state and with the separation contract to the Burgergemeinde, who sold it in I881 to the Berne Land Company Ltd. (located in London of all places!). The buyer had to build a high bridge within 21 months. At the dissolution of the Berne Land Company in 19I5 the streets of Kirchenfeld fell to the inhabitants' municipality. Until the 16th century the Kirchenfeld was called Breitfeld (Eng. Wide field).”

The square was planned in 1881. According to Wikipedia, in 1884 a circular avenue was planted at and a lawn was laid. In 1889, a ditch was filled in the northeast corner of the square and then planted.

Hôtel du Pont - which we see off to left - was opened in the 1890’s and was located at the Helvetiaplatz 2/4 (number 4 is now the Alpine Museum). It was closed during the First World War.

Across the Kirchenfeld Bridge we see the Federal Palace to the left, the Hotel Schweizerhof adjoining and a part of the new casino. Swiss Skeli is going to walk down to the river and have a quick looksy


This postcard is from 1920. All cards mounted on white 250 g/m² paper with trimmed edges. Vintage postcard, overpainted with acrylic paint, 8.6 x 13.5 cm, no frame. Signed and dated in pencil on back. This can be easily erased in the event you want to use the card.

The cards are packaged in cellophane with an informative text about the history of the image on each card and when it was first published.

Please note that since these are antique postcards, some might contain small tears, pinholes and/or scratches. Fleshy tries her best to lovingly craft each card, but sometimes a tear might be too close to the overall subject to cut it out. The actual colors might differ slightly from your monitor.

Every postcard is a small, unique work of art!

Delivery throughout Europe and overseas is with normal postal mail in cardboard envelopes so nothing should bend. Postage and packaging are calculated at checkout.

You can follow all of Swiss Skeli's adventures on his Instagram account.

You can find a short biography of Swiss Skeli here.


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