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Swiss Skeli Vinyl Sticker

Swiss Skeli Vinyl Sticker

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Swiss Skeli vinyl sticker

Swiss Skeli, La Catrina are together with their friend Mushy Skeli. Obviously ready for the next adventure. Swiss Skeli is the gentleman. La Catrina the fashion girlie. Accordingly Mushy Skeli is a real Fungi encyclopedia.

Skeli shaped, die-cut stickers made from premium vinyl with a matt finish. They are good for sticking to: laptops, desks, drinking glasses, notebooks, planners, skateboards, water bottles, cars, bikes, motorbikes, helmets, suitcases, etc.

Swiss Skeli measures 11 x 6 cm. They are printed in Switzerland with Swiss Skeli love. All artwork is based on Swiss Skeli's Fleshy designs.

The actual colors of the Swiss Skeli vinyl stickers might differ slightly from your monitor. All things considered Fleshy does her best to show photographs that are as accurate as possible.

Delivery throughout Europe and overseas is with normal postal mail. Postage and packaging are calculated at checkout. There is no tracking for this product.

Follow all of Swiss Skeli's adventures on his Instagram account.

You can find a short biography of Swiss Skeli here.

All Swiss Skeli items and designs are for personal use only. Consequently, please do not copy, imitate or reproduce without our written consent.

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